Pet Spotlight

Milo and Harley
Meet the shop pets, Milo (right) age 9, and Harley (left) age 1! Milo enjoys duck hunting, fetch, swimming, and eating any and all treats he can get his paws on! Harley enjoys fetch, digging where she shouldn't, laying at our feet while completing your orders, and playing in the water right outside the shop!
Here is what a few of our amazing customers and furry friends have to say about Coyote Roller!
Zinnia, Copper, and Rose 
Zinnia, Copper, and Rose
"This is Zinnia, Copper, and our newest addition, Rose.  All 3 are rescues from our local county Animal Control shelter.  They are high energy and know how to jump over our chain link fence and run around the neighborhood.  We got quotes for a taller fence, but the price was not feasible.  I researched other options and found Coyote Rollers.  The price was about 1/10th the cost of a new fence, and easy for me to install myself to keep our little pack safe. They have stopped the dogs from jumping out and running into the road, and we are happy to have them safe!"
-Laura S. (Barstow, Florida)
“Our girl Sadie who has shown us she has no problem scaling an 8 foot fence since we built it this fall. Now she’s confused because she falls back to the ground.
Finally no more digging from her claws into the fence and no worries about her escaping.”
-Teresa M. (Winnipeg, Canada)
Findlay and Piper 
(Findlay is the one on the couch and is more red).

 Findlay and Piper are Irish Terriers. Findlay, 11yo male, is silly, goofy, and loyal.  He is sweet and innocent but a fierce yard hunter. He perfected the art of fence jumping at a young age, he would take a running jump from across the yard and scale our 7 ft. fence. Piper, 12yo female, Findlay's half sister, is the sweetest, most loving dog. She is too smart for her own good, like most terriers. They have fun getting into trouble together, Piper will play the lookout in their escapades while Findlay tries to get into something, in hopes that he will share his bounty with her.

- Julie N. (Cincinnati, Ohio)




"He is a six year old tri-color cocker spaniel who loves to play ball in his back yard, especially if he has two tennis balls going at once. And if his humans aren’t around, he’ll roll the ball with a front foot and chase after it himself.  No way could Guinness jump that fence, but we are looking forward to our Coyote Rollers keeping the coyotes away".

- Jane B. (Hingham, Massachusetts)


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