What is a Coyote Roller?

Coyote Rollers are 4 foot long extruded aluminum tubes specifically designed to spin when animals attempt to enter or exit a fenced area, denying them the traction needed to get over a fence.

It's simple, safe, humane, requires no power source, maintenance free, and built to last a lifetime.

The Coyote Roller is manufactured from the highest quality products that never wear out, never require servicing, and are 100% weather proof.  

Keep Pets Contained

Proudly Made in the USA

100% of our product is manufactured, assembled, and shipped with quality materials from yours truly, right here in the USA.

Need a custom color?

Our standard colors are raw aluminum, beige, white, and black. However, the sky is the limit and we can match your existing fence or wall. Contact us for details or to place a custom color order.

Need help with your install? Now serving the Metro Phoenix Area.

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