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Throughout the year we end up with coyote rollers that have minor defects that we hold onto for our end of year sale. The damaged rollers vary from minor dings, blemishes, powdercoating deficiencies, etc.  All rollers come with two end caps installed and are 100% functional.  Take advantage of this end of year sale and save big on these rollers!

Coyote Rollers are manufactured from premium quality aluminum, stainless steel, and poly carbonate components. Our products are designed to be a one-time investment that will last a lifetime!  

Years of research and development have gone into the design of the Coyote Roller and brackets. The Coyote Roller has been designed to universally work on almost any application.  

Your one-time investment in a Coyote Roller system is a valuable decision. Just ask our customers how much money they have saved by eliminating costly vet bills.